System Online & JWEEX - Encryption EP
System Online - Far Out
Distort - My Sound

We are Digital Assassins.

The art of assassination radiates within the soul where good and evil collide. Ironically the genesis of music is based within the same locality. Dependent on the temperament of a musician will depend on what category of music the soul will choose, which then in turn, will depend on whether the soul will devise good, virtuous compositions or evil, immoral productions.

Digital Assassins worship the souls that emit the malevolent, villainous musical configurations and enslaves them into a lifelong pledge. This pledge vows to transmit harmonious venom through the ether into the innocent ears of a innocuous subject.

We are watching. Are you listening?

We Are Digital Assassins

Digital Assassins

Digital Assassins LTD © 2021. Registered In England

Company Number - 12205699

Digital Assassins

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