This carnivorous, cross human marsupial, is characterised by his disturbing audible creations and his
murderous, feeding ferocity. This frenzied, therianthrope, ferousciously attacks its prey with a psychotic,
oscilated flare, sinking its noxious fangs into the listener.

Q & A

Q - Your alias?
A - Badmandicoot

Q - Your name (Nickname)?
A -Bassline, before I used to listen to dance music. I used to be into metal and as I started to transition, people used to take the mick out of me with the song by 'The Black Out Crew - Put a Donk on it' and it just kind of stuck.

Q - Your age?
A -25.. Slowly ticking along.

Q - Where were you born and raised?
A -From the lovely sea side area of Teesside, the land of steel industry, smog and country side.

Q - Where do you currently live?
A -Still in up the boro

Q - Your artistic influences and where you draw inspiration?
A -I grew up in a musical family with a Mum who's a tattoo artist. Ive always had music and art around me. I grew up playing little amounts of bass and guitar but as I changed, that just transformed into music production.

My main influences are probably artists such as Spor, Noisia and Mefjus. Since I came from listenting to stuff like Korn, Rammstein and Slipknot, the dark industrial sound design really appealed to me. other than that alot of my artistic influence comes from art, I'm a massive fan of Bio-mech art like H.R Giger's films like alien and surreal weird stuff like that. Also really like Alex Grey and all his weird psychadelic art along with Ciaran shaman whos local artist to me. Speaking of local talent I also feel like that's had a huge pull on me aswell, considering how much the area has suffered the local area's music scene has been thriving the last 10 years and the scene round here has been a massive influence and drive to keep on going with everything.

Q - Your perfered DAW?

A - I've used alot to be honest. My first goes were on Dance Ejay back in the day, then I had a play with FL studio. I did college with Cubase which then transitioned to Ableton which is what I'm using these days.

Q - Your favourite plugin?
A - Honestly Theres so many, my first VST was Native instruments massive but from then ive had time experimenting with FM8 and Serum and recently picked up Phase Plant. I feel like every plugin has it's place and quick honorable mention to Gabber Master, a free plugin on the Ihatebreakcore forums, never used it practically but it's hilarious to play with.

Q - Are you self-taught or did you receive education, if so, where?
A - I learnt bits of bass and guitar at home, then had my first try off doing music production at music club at school even though I never took music going through secondary school, I did everything myself, as I got into the rave scene in my teens, I was working a apprenticeship which I later dropped to go to college with what I'd learnt, picked up a bit more through there but I don't even know how I passed that course, I was barely there being a rebel teenager. Either way I passed but did the vast majority just learning by doing at home, watching videos on YouTube and experimenting

Q - Artists you've worked with?
A - As for music production, not many. I use to play about with a few friends who were learning aswell in the early days but since I've started to do alot more production I've been living in the middle of no where and haven't really tried to reach out to do collaboration work with anyone, but for DJing, at home we had a thriving scene putting events on with 3 local rigs travelling about doing small festivals club nights etc, spent alot of time with two crews Simian Sounds and Grown at omh, also done alot of events with NSA recorings so DJ'd countless times with people like Micky-Rae, Alk-m-e, Miki-Tiki, Kodiak. also shout out to Fractal crew in leeds

Q - Events that you’ve taken part in?
A - With some of the crews I've worked with, we use to travel about the UK doing events parties and small festivals hosted our own festival in scotland called forest oddesy for a few years (had alot of people play for us up there, some Dub Reggae names through to people from UK, Amen4tekno and some Breakcore artists) but also supported people like DJ Hype for a crazy stag do we got hired to put on, alot of my stuff has been in the free party scene when I was younger though, but since moveing down to norfolk I've recently been trying to find myself a way into the scene down there so I can keep doing what I love.

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