The undead agriculturist known as Beddin sows the drum and bass seed into the mortal mind, chopping and grinding dirt ridden, bass driven audio to cultivate the dance floor. 

Q & A

Q - Your alias?
A - Beddin.

Q - Your name (Nickname)?
A - Adam.

Q - Your age?
A - 30.

Q - Where were you born and raised?
A - Shropshire.

Q - Where do you currently live?
A - Shrewsbury.

Q - Your artistic influences and where you draw inspiration?
A - Grew up on Logistics, Lynx, Adam F, High Contrast, Roni Size. Literally any form of electronic music influences me. My passion is Dnb but I do have a soft spot for Bassline, anything that makes me screw my face up :)

Q - Your perfered DAW?
A - Ableton.

Q - Your favourite plugin?
A - Serum.

Q - Are you self-taught or did you receive education, if so, where?
A - Self Taught

Q - Artists you've worked with?
A- Nicky Blackmarket, Bullybeatz, Bellyman, Link, Pixel

Q - Events that you’ve taken part in?
A - Distortion,  Shrewnity, Mass Effect, Motion, Jacked, Invasion

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Releases From Beddin

Beddin - Bongo Bongo

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