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I am "Distort"


Many have heard the legendary stories of the savage that is Distort.

Rumors have it that If you look him directly in the eyes he will not turn you to stone but he will dismember your torso and when the screams of agony blend into one long amalgamated sine wave, he will then bury your body deep within concrete, never to be found.

Dare to take the chance?

Q & A

Q - Your alias?
A - Distort

Q - Your name (Nickname)?
A - Danny

Q - Your age?
A - 34

Q - Where were you born and raised?
A - Brighton

Q - Where do you currently live?
A - Brighton

Q - Your artistic influences and where you draw inspiration?
A - I draw my inspirations from all types of music genres & general sounds.

My artist influences vary depending on my mood.

They range from Noisia, Pendulum, Chase & Status, Loadstar - To name a few.

Come to think of it I like a gritty bass, the more grit the better.

Q - Your perfered DAW?
A - FL studio is my go to DAW, although I am learning Ableton.

Q - Your favourite plugin?
A - Serum, as the possibilities are endless.

Q - Are you self-taught or did you receive education, if so, where?
A - All my music is self-taught. I never went to college. I’ve been a DJ since I was 15 yrs old and
developed my knowledge of DnB through that.

Q - Artists you've worked with?
A - Dirty Snatcha – We had a colab group called Dirty Southerners.

Q - Events that you’ve taken part in?
A - I use to DJ, quite a lot in my hometown. I have done shows a long side Andy C, Rat Pack, Goldie,
The Qemists, Sub Focus & many more.

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Releases From Distort

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