Feed The Fire are a dynamic duo from the hustling city of Hamburg. They first emerged onto the drum and bass scene with their self release EP Gone / Dying Light through Spotify and since then, they have accelerated their recognition. 

The first introduction into the drum and bass and jungle scene was through video games, especially racing games, that often had fast paced, energetic music incorporated into them, which subtly fractured their DnB outer shell. 

It  wasn't until the release of the monstrous EP “Hold Your Colour” by Pendulum that the fracture became a chasm and the mighty genre of drum and bass finally broke their moulds.

One day in 2018, Feed The Fire’s Phillip & Vadim were drinking (multiple!) cold beers listening to the Prodigy’s prodigious album “No Tourists” when they were suddenly overwhelmed with an innovative aspiration. The thought ignited and spread like wildfire. Using Phillip’s passion of rock & metal and his talent with drumming and guitar, plus Vadim’s gritty, urban obsession with trap and hip hop music, a mutual decision was made to start creating music and Feed The Fire was born.

Since the start of 2020 Feed the Fire have already gained an extensive amount of followers and streams, the speed at which their popularity inferno is travelling is striking. 

There is no way of extinguishing this creative conflagration so let Feed The Fire inflame your drum and bass desire.      

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Releases From Feed The Fire

Feed The Fire - Immortals
Feed The Fire - TechSaw

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