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This masked, machiavellian juvenile, raids vaults of monumental treasure. He creates high pitched audio frequencies to undulate even the most sophisticated locks, given him full access to the prizes within. He then distributes his new earnt wealth to the underprivileged and feeble - a new age Robin Hood.

Q & A

Q - Your alias?

Q - Your name (Nickname)?
A - Joshjan, but many people say it’s a hard name to pronounce so I get called Rico allot too.

Q - Your age?
A - 20.

Q - Where were you born and raised?
A - I was born in a city called Arnhem (in the Netherlands) and was raised in Zutphen (also in the Netherlands)

Q - Where do you currently live?
A - Warnsveld, the Netherlands

Q - Your artistic influences and where you draw inspiration?
A -

My very first influence towards electronic music must have been Skrillex. I’ve had an entire dubstep/brostep/deathstep phase that started my new passion. Not the genre itself but when I discovered bass music, I was amazed by the way these sounds were created. Especially from Excision, KUURO, Space Laces, Pegboard Nerds, PhaseOne and Virtual Riot (!!!). And let’s be honest: to discover that in dubstep for the first time gave quite an inspirational nuclear explosion. But since I started to learn how to DJ, I fell in love with drum and bass. Neuro and rollers to be specific. More recent influences would have to be Malux, Urbandawn, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Noisia (duh), Bou, Mefjus and Muzz. I could go on until I’ve named all the artists in my drum and bass playlist but these are the major ones.

Also, I played the drums for about 14 years of my life. To this day I take old drills and rhythms I learned years ago and try to process those into my tracks.

Oh and not to forget. Back when I was 11/12 years old I watched the movie Tron’s Legacy for the first time. Hands down my favourite movie. And to this day I still get chills when I hear the opening score made by DaftPunk. That was like a mental slam in the face.

Q - Your perfered DAW?
A - Started on good ol’ FL Studio but transitioned to Ableton Live.

Q - Your favourite plugin?
A - I want to say OTT, but I have to go with Serum.

Q - Are you self-taught or did you receive education, if so, where?
A - Both really. When I started making music I taught it myself how to handle a DAW (note, FL Studio). When I transitioned to Ableton I did get some help from a school called Pyntago, they give private- and group lessons for producers. They showed me how to operate Ableton Live. I also took some lessons over at DutchDjWorld. They primarily taught me about sound design, working with various vst’s and mastering but they also taught me how to DJ.

In high school I took Music theory as my major. That grade turned out to be the highest in comparison to my other grades.

Q - Artists you've worked with?
A- None, so far.

Q - Events that you’ve taken part in?
A - I was a part of the selection in N.E.W. (Nieuwe Elektronische Waar, or New Electronic Ware). They select 10 artists every year and help them get closer to their career in music production based on the track they submitted. I sent them my track What About It, it’s a pretty heavy dubstep song which I also presented pretty loudly to my entire school (evil laugh) when I explained my passion as the subject on my thesis. Once I heard I was selected they did a meetup, a short interview, a photoshoot and released the track you submitted on an album on Spotify. That was my very first official release.

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Releases From JWEEX

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