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I am "The Contractor"


The Contractor is a crazed individual that escaped from London's Bethlem Royal Hospital, aka Bedlam, many decades ago. It was because of The Contractor that the name Bedlam is in the English Dictionary.

The Contractor is the type of individual that would break into your house just to watch you sleep and wish you sweet dreams.

The Contractor is the type of individual that would think a trip to the cemetery is a holiday.

Hell is empty because The Contractor is here.

Here is a quote from the wise Contractor:

"With great power comes a great electricity bill and I have neither the patience or the colouring crayons to explain to you why. Goodbye".

Q & A

Q - Your alias?
A - The Contractor.

Q - Your name (Nickname)?
A - The Contractor.

Q - Your age?
A - Immortal.

Q - Where were you born and raised?
A - Bedlam.

Q - Where do you currently live?

Q - Your artistic influences and where you draw inspiration?
A - Mozart, Crazy Frog, French gargoyale excreting a pineapple.

Q - Your perfered DAW?
A - What is this witchcraft you speak of?

Q - Your favourite plugin?
A - Toaster.

Q - Are you self-taught or did you receive education, if so, where?
A - Do you even know who I am?

Q - Artists you've worked with?
A - Mozart, Crazy Frog, French gargoyale excreting a pineapple.

Q - Events that you’ve taken part in?
A - The Bubonic Plague.

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