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Unone is a Bristol based drum and bass producer, ironically with a neurological fixation of neurofunk. 

Growing up in a small town of Fleet, Unone soon realised he was born with a unique gift, the ability to see colours and shapes across his vision when he hears sounds.

Unone knew about drum and bass growing up, but whilst at school a music technician named Tom Leahy introduced him to the sub genre Neurofunk, and he was hooked. The colours and shapes that materialized with audio, his unparalleled, innate souvenir, seemed to enhance extraordinarily when listening to Neurofunk, to the point where he was obsessed; so he decided to start producing it. 

At the time Drum & Bass was pushing so many boundaries of what was sonically possible and the technicality caught his attention as it meant more variables to control the colours he was observing, creating a live painted picture, via audio, within his mind. Hallucinating off the neuro narcotic, he pushed this drug into his own productions, creating storylines that fire electric neurons in the listeners mind, a trafficker of frequencies for the next junkie to get their twisted, modulated fix.

All his life Unone has been involved and addicted to the most simple aspect of sound right through to the most complex. From teaching music production & sound design to others, creating AR experiences for the national symposium of electronic art in South Korea and even turning peoples brainwaves into projected graphics and ambisonic audio. In short, Unone is a basically a half man half machine that manipulates the mechanical architecture of sound. He debouches, digitally through the soundwaves with only one aim, to destroy the omnipresent sound and replace it with the unknown; twisting normality.

There is always an inherent feeling of safety to stick to the familiar, but Unone has no interest in this. He says “It’s just an evolutionary hangover for humans; and it takes them nowhere new”.

How about you take a hit of the stimulant that Unone is creating and become absorbed by the contorted, sonorous sounds that he injects into your ear drums?

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Releases From Unone

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