Encryption EP

This brutal hybrid duo; System Online & JWEEX, submerge the twenty-first century raver with neurological sound waves as they emancipate their ridiculous, skull shattering EP ‘Encryption’. The EP manifests the concept of a massive, underwater computer hacking facility which is evident in the atmospheric soundscapes of each track. The eerie, oscillating sirens of the first single ‘Ancients’, warns the listener before submerging them into a deep, hard rolling bass line that rattles the brain. ‘Biollante’ echoes the sinister sirens but then sabotages the cerebellum with a twanging slap-bass. ‘Inversion’ brings a unique melodic energy to the odyssey as it pivots between dancefloor drum and bass and the darker, harder side of neurofunk. However, the trojan horse of this epic, audio adventure is ‘Reality’. This leviathan pummels and punches the very existence of its name, as it cyclones through gritty, throaty bass lines to create a tear-up finale. Oh and did I mention the second drop?

This EP demonstrates the versatility and musical talent of System Online & JWEEX and it’s safe to say, their sounds intertwine perfectly.

Available on the NOW from all good digital service providers.

System Online & JWEEX - Encryption EP
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