Distort - Make'Em Bounce

Distort - Make'Em Bounce

The heat from the spotlights radiate her smooth, tanned skin and small droplets of perspiration catch the light , causing her body to sparkle. The mood in the private booth is sensuous, x-rated and provocative. She seductively runs her fingers down her perfectly toned legs, past her alluring fishnet stockings and down to her red, knee high boots. With her back arched, she stares deeply into his eyes and the spark they once had ignites in him yet again. 

The past that they had floods his vision and his heart thumps faster as he remembers the passion they shared 6 months ago; before he made that huge mistake that destroyed them. This is the first time he had laid eyes on her since her heartbreak.  

Still staring deep into his piercing blue eyes, she bites her bottom lip and runs her hand into her laced, captivating high heeled boot. She clasps the handle of the hidden blade, slowly straightens her slender spine and then, thrusts the blade into his throat.

She whispers into his ear ,“Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.”

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