Distort - Prima Donna
Distort - Prima Donna

Distort - Prima Donna

It's a cold, dark night in the ancient, coastal town of Cisthene and faint footsteps can be heard deflecting the wooden planks that make the pier. The townspeople frantically rush to their homes and barricade their doors as the heavens open with the distant crack of Thor's hammer. An ambiguous silhouette appears on the horizon and traveling closer by the second, it slowly materializes into the figure of an elegant, poisonous woman. The ostentatious lady moves in such a way it looks like she is hovering above the ground and a ghostly, black cloud follows her like a bound, suspended coronet. Her hair that's made up of multiple serpents, oscillates and squirms and the village now reflects in the many eyes of the crown of ophidians. The gorgon makes her way towards the town hall and tries to drive open the heavy, wooden door but with no avail. On the opposite side of the entrance is a golden throne and in it, sits the trembling King watching the door pulsate as he suddenly realizes with a harrowing doom, that it's the only thing that shields him from the terrifying tyrant. A single snake slithers from the siren's skull, down her torso and onto the ground. It squeezes itself through the gap at the base of the door and glides, clandestinely toward the fearful king. The king, unaware of the serpents presence, continues his panicked convulsions as the reptile climbs up the rear of the royal, aurelian chair and places itself parallel to the czar's carotid artery. With an explosive strike, it injects venom through its hollow fangs, into the quivering neck of the emperor that quickly invades the king's bloodstream. The ruler now violently convulses, but not from fear, but from certain death. The gorgon’s mission is successful once again.

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