Feed The Fire - Immortals
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Feed The Fire - Immortals

He swings his heavy, steel sword toward his enemy and delivers another devastating blow to the skull. The battlefield soaks up the spilt blood as his allies continue to masacre the enemies around him. The air is filled with the sound of suffering, shrieks of alarming war horns and the last breaths of the brave warriors. He gazes across the armageddon with a smirk and a sense of victory and he watches another adversary fold into a pool of their own blood. 

All of a sudden, the ground begins to rumble and hundreds of mounds upsurge the crimson, sodden terrain, several feet tall. The dirt quickly plummets downwards and exposes multiple, menacing figures standing beneath. Their archaic masked, bronze, faces glare at him with heinous expressions. Razor sharp, tusk-like extremities protrude from their jowls and saliva drips from their fangs. He stumbles backwards over a lifeless corpse as the beings begin to move toward him and his allies. The memories of his past will be quickly erased, the present will be obliterated and the future will be an empty, non-existent, ironic benediction. The beings moving toward him are the unstoppable. They are the undefeated. They are the immortals and they leave no man alive.

Hello world, this is Feed The Fire; the hybrid duo that has exploded onto the drum and bass scene with their debut release on the prestigious digital record label, Digital Assassins. Their EP “Immortals” manifests the spirits of the ancient, elite, Persian warriors and harnesses their barbaric brutality to deal a futuristic, devastating, skull shattering critical impact. The track “Immortals” produces turbulent, atmospheric soundscapes and a slamming, disrupting bass hit, whilst “TechSaw” introduces a ridiculous, future-robo vibe complete with malicious, militant drums.

Feed The Fire show their versatility on this prodigious EP “Immortals” as they exhibit darker, harder neurofunk aspects inspired by the greats Emperor & Mefjus, as well as extracting energetic elements from dance floor filling, sound system bangers. I believe only the ancient gods can save you from the audio entanglement that Feed The Fire have constructed with this colossal release.


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