Lye-Low - Breaking Point

Lye-Low - Breaking Point

His reflection delicately distorts as he stares into the slow, flowing river and battles his internal fixation on vengeance. The rage elevates with every breath he inhales and his future path is mentally mapped. He screams “The heinous beings that slaughtered my blood will be butchered by this blade and thou shall have no mercy!” his voice echoing around the wood. He mounts his jet black stallion and rides off toward the horizon, ready to gamble his fate. 

The huge, wooden doors of the throne room explode open and the warrior charges toward the king like a projectile from a trebuchet. The king's guards are  immediately on his defence as swords clash and sparks fly. The widowed warrior reaches breaking point and precisely plunges his steel, inches above the brass breastplate and into the throat of the first attacker. Dexterously and expertly repeating the slay for the second and third defender, the only Achilles heel of the impenetrable armour plate.

The majestic throne room becomes silent after the final fatality slumps to the ground.

The seething warrior, slowly walks over to the king who cowers behind his cathedra.

. He hauls his shaken body back into the royal chair and holds his cold, blood saturated steel against his quivering throat….


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