Mooch - Disconnected
Mooch - Disconnected

Mooch - Disconnected

A young assassin in training, continuing their final initiation process, reaches the peak of a snowy summit.

He reaches into his satchel and pulls out a torn, ancient manuscript. “To Complete Your Initiation You Must Ascend A White Tipped Rock And Ingest The Vine Of Souls.” The young apprentice follows the instructions diligently, with great honour.

He waits patiently, silently, cross legged on the cold hard earth. 

A powerful neuro-toxic surge runs through his body and his soul bursts through his ever growing pineal gland as a bright white light tunnels its way toward the darkened abyss of space.  

The light particles accumulate over a luminous planet as the young apprentices disconnected conscience comes in contact with a celestial horned bass fiend. 

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