Mooch - Brace For Impact

Mooch - Brace For Impact

The impossible, the unthinkable, the unimaginable has happened. Our planet,

our home, has overheated and become a flaming mass of carbon dioxide. There is only one way out, There is

only survival. I live or I die. I hurl through the air at over 3,700 mph towards the atmosphere. Every muscle strained from the extreme pressure encompassing me and my brain feels like it is going to explode. The unbelievable, unrelenting scorching heat burns my back as I fly higher and higher, excruciating moment by moment and I know that if I do not continue to build speed I will be destroyed when I hit the atmosphere.

My will is strong and my survival instincts are razor sharp. 



My mind whirls, my senses are completely disoriented as my world is a cacophony of sound, light, heat and pressure. I scream but the sound is muffled by the speed and my scattered brain. I get closer and closer by the millisecond. 

It’s coming up.

The moment of truth.

The moment where I live, or I die!

The moment of ecstasy or peril.

I close my eyes and mutter a prayer…

And suddenly,  I’m floating, my surroundings black, cool and distant stars sing their silent song. 

“The Universe is Mine” I think. It’s a fleeting thought but one that fills me with warmth. All is soundless as my body floats as if on a cloud. I have gone from one extreme to the other in a millisecond.

I slowly turn my head and see what is left of my planet. 

There are no more blues or greens, no whites from the clouds, only

black and red from the burning fires. I have made it, I have survived and I have escaped into this obscure, empty Nirvana and that cerebration resonates wordlessly, ironically, as I migrate endlessly into a darkened abyss

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