Raid - Copper Splash

Raid - Copper Splash

Sparks fly as the blacksmith swings his hammer off of the heavy, iron anvil.

Tin & copper splashes onto his grungy, leather apron as he forges the copper tipped, bronze weapon that will slaughter the sea serpent that swims the Sea Of Salt.

It is written in the ancient palimpsest that copper is the only element  that will penetrate the   Leviathans, thick, cold scaly husk and infiltrate it’s bloodstream to evolve a biochemical abnormality in its brain, inducing death.

The Leviathan has been wreaking havoc on the seas ever since the mortal man murdered the monsters, land based brother - Behemoth.

A human sacrifice would have to be made to lure the Leviathan from the lowest point of the Dead Sea, where it burrow’s.

The only question is who….

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