Shrike - Huntsman's Lair Remix

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Shrike - Huntsman's Lair Remix

Shrike - Huntsman's Lair Remix

Around 3 centuries after The Contractor exposed the cavernous burrow that the mechanical beast had been nesting, another audacious mercenary decided to confidently gamble his life; the infamous character known as Shrike.

Shrike approaches the abyss and slowly starts to traverse down, the midnight wind resonating the climbing rope, softly strumming, creating an eerie harmony .

A thud oscillates around the biological burrow as his feet impact the torched ground. Shrike stands in silence as the last remnants of sound are dissipated into the darkness.

Suddenly, the giant arachnid erupts from the shadows and powerfully lunges toward Shrike with unstoppable force, spitting synthetic toxins from its pneumatic abdomen. 

Using his dexterity in military combat and equipped with a makeshift bayonet , Shrike swiftly strikes splintering the impassive arthropods industrial cephalothorax straight through to its cold steel heart. 

A deafening drone fills the subterrane as The Huntsman jolts like an engine stalling.

Its 8 legs, alien in design, buckle, and slip on the ground saturated in oil that's being simmered from the steam that emits from the fatal laceration.

The red hue in The Huntsman’s many eyes slowly fades to black and silence, once again, falls upon the cavity.

Noble Shrike turns his back and calmly and nonchalantly, exits the hole. 

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