The Contractor - Alchemist

The Contractor - Alchemist

The time is 3am, and inside a gloomy cave a tall, dark hooded character stands narcissistically at a grand, black, bubbling cauldron, rhythmically stirring a concoction of bizarre and outlandish kick-drums, hi-hats and snares.

The elixir begins to steam wickedly as the cowled being meticulously adds the final element, synthetic bass. 

The potion uncontrollably hisses and pops and a giant plume of purple smoke emits from the centre of the vessel causing the necromantic alchemist to stumble backwards. 

The toxic, purple plume aggressively ascends to the caves canopy and then, upon impact, the cloud audibly roars & moulds into gargantuan, sharp toothed head of a lizard as it engulfs the sorcerer in one, whole gulp.  

The warlock created a monster.

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