The Contractor - Huntman's Lair

The Contractor - Huntsman's Lair

As The Contractor crusades a derelict, barren wasteland, a deathly growl reverberates a distant crater. The Contractor quickly realizes with harrowing doom that this imminent confrontation was inevitable and as he edges closer toward the darkened abyss, the growl amplifies.

Suddenly, a colossal, mechanical beast explodes out of the chasm. Each one of its eight limbs fracturing the earth with a hypnotizing rhythm as it scurries toward its victim. With each monstrous movement, its mechanical joints snap like snares and hiss like collided cymbals as it spits parlyzing, neuro-toxic frequencies at The Contractor. The Contractor concludes that this cataclysmic creature is what he has been scouring the uninhabitable plateau for these past years and now, he is face to face with the legend named, The Huntsman.

How The Contractor survived to disclose this treacherous narrative is enclosed within this exact, mesmerizing composition. Can you construct The Contractors triumphant victory in the form of audio oscillation in your deceived, exploited mind? The fable is in your grasp…...

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