Unone - Think Machine

Unone - Think Machine

The night rain trickles off his waterproof mac and it flows like a river down to his now bloody hands. Thunder cracks in the distance as a rose hue drips from his fingertips onto the body that lies lifeless below him.

He looks down at the crimson canyon that's carved into the victim's chest and stumbles back in disbelief as the blade falls from his bloodsoaked clenched fist.

“NO” he screams “I didn't mean it, it wasn't me, it can't have been me. Did I do this?”.

They warned him when they installed the chip that blackouts could occur depending on how the brain takes to the alien device, but after a short while the mind would adapt and his neurological capacity would increase by 450% - a human with a computer like brain, the perfect thinking machine.

His body jolts viciously as an electrical current surges through his veins. He picks up the claret dripping blade from the ground and holds it to his throat... 


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